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Fall 2010
Season Opening Concert - September 27, 2010
Petite Symphonie/Gran Partita Concert - November 14, 2010

Click on thumbnail image to view photo.
Season Opening Concert Photos by Lisa Slocum
Petite Symphonie/Gran Partita Concert Photos by Bob Curtis

Perkin Trio rehearsing Perkinson Trio rehearsing Richard playing viola Brahms Sextet rehearsing Brans Sextet standing Bill and Rose Player after the concert Reception
Reception David pouring wine Karlos at reception Reception Sally, Rose and Simone at the reception Reception Robert Olmsted setting up
Robert Olmsted Robert Olmsted Performing Petite Symphonie Megan in Petite Symphonie Lisa playing flute Julie playing clarinet Petite Symphonie
Petite Symphonie standing Gran Partita performing Gran Partita performance Jeff Wilday on contrabassoon Gerry playing oboe Liz and Julie on clarinets Gran Partita
Gran Partita Gran Partita Gran Partita standing Lisa and Megan at the reception Liz and Rob at the reception Lindsey and Liz at the reception Lisa, Megan and Gerry at the reception